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For more than 12 years, the Pete India foundation has been committed to providing education n running women empowerment projects in slums of Delhi Along with Donation drives of clothes, shoes n dental workshops time time to time

Who we are

It all started as JimWideman An American quest for India travel ,He volunteered for a month in India ,During his travel he met shiva who became his friend,He told his vision to him abt opening a school for the underprivileged as himself was a teacher n survived after a accident in which his best friend Pete died.Shiva promised him to make this dream a reality n later was advised by Australian traveller Martin from Canberra to start the tours of slums to support the projects of the charity n thus making dream to reality....

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what we offer

Woman Empowerment a hWeading

Computer Education


Womans from the community learn sewing class (4 months each class) n beauty class which enable to earn for there family n thus making them financially independent ..All supplies n materials needed r provided by us.

Add a sMmMost of the parents have to work to earn bread for the family we take in childrens above 3 yrs in this program provide them with organic food (bought from farms) n provide them with filtered water as well as toilet faciltiesubheading

Adult Kids from the community can avail free computer education in there free time..

Kindergarden Program

Women Vocational Program

Woman Empowerment Program

Computer Education

Computer Program

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Pete India

Y-40 3 Floor west Patel nagar market

New Delhi-110008

+919811186601(what sup)



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Used Cloths donations

We take used cloth,shoes,caps,jackets,New born baby wraps n sanitary napkins for womens. Please email us on to know more


We are in need of stationery items on regular basis please email us to know moreon


we r now fundraising for our charity please email us on to know more

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Property RENT




Food For KIDS


School expense(SALARIES)


Jim on his last visit to india with luke from australia ,Jim was admitted in hospital in 2021 he donated his organs to save a 12 year girl n 45 year man while taking his last breath.Jim wished to be born in india as he use to mention india have taught him a lot ..R.i.P

Jim wideman

Karma Yogi Shiva

It all started with 2 strangers meeting n becoming friends ,jim while returning back to america told him abt his vision to shiva to open a charity n do social projects n school on his friend pete name who died in a car accident when they was out,Jim survived miracely in that accident ..Shiva made a promise which he fulfilled n Pete charity came in existence...